Intersex Lives


When we speak about being intersex, it often is overlooked that we are not only the survivors of systemic human rights violations worldwide, who suffer the consequences that are often created by the harmful practices carried out in the medical field.

While most of us found ways to carry on, these experienced violations of our bodies and minds had and have an impact on our life choices or opportunities, and they continue to be part of what makes us us.

Yet we are also more than that, we share dreams, hopes, joys and worries similar to everyone else. Our interests and lived realities vary as much as for everyone else.

This campaign is based on a workshop during the previous OII Europe Community Event in Zagreb 2019, where the intersex community collected and shared short personal quotes of our dreams, hopes and fears: What makes us proud? What gives us joy?

Many of the things in the personal quotes will sound familiar, other quotes are more directly related to the life situation of intersex persons – a few of these issues are highlighted in focus points on this website: Health, trauma, discrimination, work & education and acceptance.

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What do intersex people dream of? What are their joys? What do intersex people hope for in their personal lives, what are their worries and fears?

During the Intersex Awareness Weeks (Oct.26 - Nov.8) we post a selection of the quotes the community provided in last years workshop via our social media channels. Since we have many more quotes than we are able to share here we will work on something for the upcoming IDAHOBIT in May 2021. Stay tuned for more info :)

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"I would love to travel around the world"

"My favourite thing in my free time is to restore vintage record players, amplifiers, etc."

"Favourite thing to do in my spare time: Painting Warhammer miniatures"

"I would love to have more time to read books"

"I would like to travel around Europe with a bicycle"

"I would love to plant/create a forest (a small one) with a clearing in the middle where people can come together and share stories"

"I dream of buying a yacht and fishing from it surrounded by mountains"

"I enjoy hiking in the nature with friends and seeing new places"

"My favourite thing are raindrops on roses"

"Playing ukulele brings me joy"

"My favourite thing is singing"

"I love singing and playing the accordion in my spare time"

"I enjoy creating electronic music and sounds, just for myself, and love to learn more about synthesizers."

"Sometimes I just want to calmly sit in a garden and watch the birds"